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Types of Coaching

Types of Coaching

Individual Coaching

At the center of our program is 1:1 coaching. 


While you can learn about professional development skills through books, TED talks, and podcasts, there is nothing like putting them into practice. 


Coaching is the art of applying these types of skills to your life. 


Whether you are negotiating your next contract, dealing with difficult colleagues, or trying to figure out how to integrate your life with your career, engaging one-on-one with Sharon provide you with the perspective and intention to execute your goals.  


Group Coaching
For WOmen Surgeons

Dr. Sharon L. Stein created

The Surgeon's Lounge

as a group professional development and coaching program, specifically for women surgeons. 


Through this program, you will gain professional development skills, have the opportunity to build community with a group of like-minded women, and experience a taste of individual coaching.


To find out more 

The Surgeon's Lounge with Dr. Sharon L. Stein. Group Coaching for Surgeons.

Organization Coaching

Available for residency programs, faculty retreats, or society programming intensive workshops with Dr. Sharon L. Stein will help entire teams build skills. 


From personality styles to leadership development, negotiation, or executive presence, Sharon has worked nationally and internationally with groups to build communication, teamwork, and individual skills. 


A skilled educator and speaker with over 200 national speaking engagements, Dr. Sharon L. Stein can cater her programming to your institutional needs.

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