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The Intentional Surgeon

You spent your career mastering diseases and

surgical techniques. 

From the outside, others see your success.  
But you aren’t where you believe you can be.  


Maybe you were passed up for a leadership position.

Maybe you are struggling with a difficult situation,

or maybe you are just want more.


You can take control of your vision.

Control your surroundings.
Manage, negotiate, and

Engage with the people around you. 
You can be as intentional with your life

as you are with your surgical practice.  
How do I know that you can do this?  

Because I did it too.



Sharon L. Stein, MD

The Intentional Surgeon is inspiring surgeons to exceed their expectations through professional development coaching as we reimagine the future of surgery.   

About Sharon
Sharon L. Stein MD, The Intentional Surgeon


Are you a new or seasoned surgeon or an organization looking for professional development looking for support?

Every professional at some point of their career faces a period fraught with challenging choices.  Dr. Stein uses different techniques of coaching, professional development and mentorship, enriched with a prestigious academic pedigree, confidence and encompassing worldview, to bring clarity to your goals, design or revise an appropriate path and more importantly walk the walk with you! 

Amir Fathi, MD 

Chief of Medical Education and Research

University of San Francisco, Fresno

About Sharon L. Stein, MD 

Dr. Sharon Stein is an internationally known surgeon with a passion for helping others succeed both as a physician and a coach. From the beginning of her career, working for Doctors without Borders, as a program director, a societal leader and an international invited speaker, Sharon is passionate about helping surgeons grow.   

Her work in professional development stems from the challenges she faced as a surgeon.  Learning about herself, mastering negotiation and professional development skills, she realized that this was a gap in surgical education and teaching others would help to improve the culture of surgery.


In 2023, she transitioned to create her own professional development and leadership coaching practice to better help others. 

Sharon L. Stein MD, The Intentional Surgeon

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